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Government Incentives for Solar

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There are a lot of benefits to living in the Sunshine State and the most obvious one is the strong sun. As a resident of Florida, you can not only take advantage of the great weather but also harness the power of the sun for solar energy and you will have the benefit of government incentives when you choose solar power.

My Solar Panels Ocala is well versed in the details for how residential and commercial property owners can benefit from elements like tax credits to install solar panels for energy. Solar technology has advanced significantly throughout the decades and whether you are seeking a solar hot water system supplier or solar lights, there are a number of incentives to go solar.

Tax Credit

Until the year 2022, there is a federal government program, the investment tax credit, that provides significant incentive for homeowners and business owners to install solar power. This translates into a 30 percent deduction that is allowable on your taxes, as well as any cash rebates that might come with purchasing your solar panels.

My Solar Panels Ocala has worked with countless business and residential property owners in Florida to help them access the benefit of the federal tax credit. The benefit has a deadline and it would benefit you immensely to contact us for expert guidance before it’s too late.

Net Metering

There are some states that allow residential property owners to sell their solar power back to the grid if it has not been used or is in excess of what you need. This means when you’re not using your appliances, perhaps you’ve taken a vacation or your not home for most of the day, you have the advantage of knowing that your solar panels are fully operational and making money for you.

Florida’s net metering system has been in existence statewide since June 2009 and provides a money saving mechanism to customers that provides them with approximately 20 to 40 percent of their energy that goes back onto the grid and provides electricity to nearby neighbors.

Tax Exemption

The Sunshine State is one such region that provides additional tax credits for businesses and residential property owners to install solar panels. For the state of Florida, you have an additional benefit of 100 percent exception from paying additional property taxes for upgrading your property with solar power.

In some states, your property could be assessed and your property taxes increased as a result of solar power installation. However, this is not the case in Florida. Your property assessment will not change based on solar power system installation, which is often of great relief to business and residential property owners.

Why Hire Us

Often many of us think of government assessments as painful processes, but in Florida when you install solar power, this is at least one instance that is of great benefit to you. Both federal and state level government incentives apply to your commercial or residential property when you make the decision to install solar power. When you employ My Solar Panels Ocala we can provide you with in-depth information that benefits your pockets for significant savings.