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Green Homes


You care about the comfort of your home, which is like a castle and your also care about the environment. You can do both at the same time when you use green energy to power your home. My Solar Panels Ocala has the solutions you’re seeking to create a green home. You can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels while benefiting from some of the government incentives in place for home owners to switch to solar power. We have a number of ways we can provide you with solutions for your home in which you don’t need to sacrifice efficiency for the environment.

Cut Energy Cost

As a resident of Florida you have the advantage of sun almost all year around and those sunny days will produce a lot of energy when converted from you solar panel installation. This means on sunny hot days you can run your air conditioning without worry about costs that it will draw from your utilities grid. After you install solar panels you can significantly cut your energy costs by reducing your dependence on municipal electricity. When sunlight shines giving you sunpower, you solar panels are able to store and provide electricity to you home even on cloudy days. In most household that consist on average of two adults and two or three children, your solar panels when properly assessed will provide you far more electricity than you will likely consume.

Tax Credit and Rebates

As a resident of Florida there are a great many advantages for living in a sunny state. Florida state government as well as the federal government provided incentives to go solar. When you transform you property into a green home up until 2020 you will receive at least a 30 percent tax credit from the federal government that can help you save money in the purchase of your solar power system. At the Florida state level you have the benefit of knowing the upgrade from traditional electricity to a solar power system will not be assessed as part of your property taxes.

Eco Friendly Home

You’ve gotten rid of plastic bags in your home and you also recycle everything you can and you’re to the point that you want every to be a model green home environment. As an educated consumer, you are likely aware that your electricity is sourced from fossil fuel and if you’re keen to become a more eco friendly household solar power is an excellent sustainable strategy. As a power source, solar panels use the heat of the sun and convert it into pure energy that allows you to be independent of fossil fuels. When you use traditional forms of electricity it creates air pollution that doesn’t just effect your immediate environment, but the community and environment as a whole.

Why Hire Us

My Solar Panels Ocala has decades of experience providing countless Floridians with solar power system. After an assessment of your home you can expect us to give you accurate feedback for how to transform your household into a complete green home. Solar power has advanced a great deal at fast pace and more homes than ever are converting from traditional with the help of our solar energy company and we can do the same for you. If you’re seeking significant savings as well as government incentives to go solar and you desire and eco friendly home, give us a call today for consultation and free estimate of service.