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Residential Solar Services

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Once you've taken the time to install solar panels, that is not the end of the story. You also need to ensure that maintenance and repairs are readily available.

As the top-rated solar energy company in the region, we are well versed in residential solar services to provide you with optimal service for your solar panels.

My Solar Panels Ocala has been in the solar power industry for decades and our countless clients depend on our expertise to ensure that their homes are running efficiently from solar panels to inverters.

Your solar power equipment is guaranteed to last but there are occasional maintenance issues that require a professional and we offer the highest standard of skills you can receive in the state.

Site Visiting

Not every repair and maintenance issue can be seen with the naked eye and routine site visits are suggested when you employ a solar power company to install your panels. They should also be including a service contract that ensures they will routinely inspect your panels and provide accurate solutions for their repair. This is why so many residents in Ocala, FL rely upon our expertise.

We understand that your solar power system was an investment in the efficiency and value of your home so when panels are not functioning properly, site visits should be a commonplace evaluation that your contract should stipulate.

Upgrading of Panels

Perhaps your solar power needs were not assessed accurately or you have added far more major appliances than you originally had a few years ago and you have outgrown your current solar power system, we are readily available to upgrade your system of panels.

There are also great new advances in solar power panels that may make upgrading an attractive prospect. In any scenario My Solar Panels Ocala can provide you with the opportunity upgrade your panels. Simply call us for a free consultation and we can retrofit new solar panels to your residential property quickly and efficiently.

Removing Solar Panels

You may be raising your eyebrows about why a homeowner would remove their solar panels but there are a lot of very good reasons someone would remove them. You may find that decommissioning them rather than repairing them is a far better solution if they are damaged beyond reasonable repair.

This can happen in extreme storms or you may need to conduct roof repairs or replacement. In these situations, it’s far safer to have a solar power company to expertly remove them rather than trusting a roofing company to conduct the labor. Afterward, they can be remounted with a do no harm approach.

Why Hire Us

Your solar power system is a wonderful investment to improve your quality of life and reduce your dependence on traditional fossil fuel electricity. But you to keep it operating smoothly routine evaluation is also necessary.

We use advanced technologies to monitor and evaluate the operation of your solar panel system and you can expect your residential solar services from us to be exceptional. We take a proactive and preventive approach to solar services that you can trust.